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Ram Navami Message 2023

Since millenniums, great spiritual personalities like incarnations and saints of different religions have declared that ‘search within and not outside is the real path of spiritualism’. Search ‘outside’ includes all aspects of the manifested world including religions, places of worship, mundane existence, and all connected material aspects. These things help one to begin his journey from the ‘world outside’ and slowly move towards the ‘world within’. The outer world is understood through our cognitive faculties that nature has endowed us with. However, ‘search within’ is that which leads towards ‘Aatmanusandhan’ (Self-Search), ‘Atmanubhuti’ (Self-Experience), and ‘Atmagyan’’ (Self-Knowledge). One reaches that state of experience through ‘dhyana’ (meditation) which brings about control and focus of mind in the ‘hridaysthal’’ (heart-centre).

The Guru will always be of great help towards the entry and movement of the disciple in the unknown path at the initial stage. The Sadguru is one who has travelled this path and has obtained the experience(‘Atmanubhuti’).

Out of his compassion to aid and advance his disciples in this extremely adverse spiritual endeavour known as ‘Sadhana’, the Guru renders all necessary help, without expecting any rewards for himself. However, if a disciple always depends on the Guru or tries to do so and does not take the risk to travel alone on this path, he can never reach the state of self-realization. Therefore, during the spiritual evolution of the disciple, at a stage of his development the Sadgurus leave the disciple to reach his goal and find his path through his own endeavor. It is an essential need for the devotee to develop the potentiality to achieve the goal when the Guru has withdrawn. Nevertheless, the Guru keeps a watch on the disciple from a distance to protect when the disciple faces danger or is about to fail.

Lord Buddha said before his Maha-Parinirvana - "All composite things pass away. Strive for your own liberation with diligence."

May Shri Sai bless us all.

Dr. C. B. Satpathy



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