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Guru Poornima Message 2022

If one examines the lives of the Saints, Gurus and Sadgurus of different religions and paths in India and abroad, one would discern that they all tried to evolve human souls to the state of excellence while also serving those around them in every possible manner. They stood between the devotees and their pain. Service, not only to mankind, but also to the animal world, particularly the ones in distress and that were uncared for, has been the motto of Sadgurus. They follow various methods to render such help. One of these is that, Shirdi Sai Baba demanded dakshina from the devotees and used to help them and other devotees. Swami Vivekanand collected funds by delivering speeches in USA, even when he was in a very bad state of health. The funds were meant for rendering help to devotees and for philanthropic purpose. They lit a human candle hoping that these candles would light many more in future. Light should pervade otherwise the darkness of ignorance would continue in the world.

The real Sadgurus don’t need anything for themselves. Usually, even if they create institutions, temples and ashrams, these are not for their personal enjoyment. These are long lasting structural /organizational bodies to carry on their spiritual activities.

When we are talking about Guru Purnima and think of celebrating the day, the main theme that should be kept in mind, is service to others, without ego and without expectation of rewards. That is what is ‘Wirakt Bhava’. This ‘Udasina Bhava’ doesn’t mean not doing anything. The saints don’t get attached to the results and consequences of their action, because they feel that they are propelled by a divine motivation to do so, ‘Nimmita Bhava Sabyasachi’ as Krishna said to Arjuna in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. When they leave the world, they leave very happily, having done their job and carrying no encumbrances.

Everybody need not be enlightened in the academic or intellectual sense of the term, but one can feel a sort of goodness within himself and a spaciousness in his heart. Spaciousness can absorb many hearts, which a limited mind or heart cannot. This is what the Sadgurus were. For this, they were even misunderstood at times; because an eagle can soar to a height and see space which a parrot cannot, as it is limited by its intrinsic capacity. Nevertheless, in spite of all the negatives the Sadgurus faced in the world, their intention was to change the world for better. If they did not have the capacity to overcome negatives, they would have failed to teach their disciples to overcome negatives or surmount the worldly hazards and yet bring about progress.

We have seen many plants with a lot of thorns, but such plants can have beautiful flowers & spread fragrance too. Some human beings can be like such flowers with thorns but the Guru knows how to evolve and use them for the benefit of all.

We pray to our Master to bless us for such embracement and for being in a state of mind and heart to carry on with His work.

May Shri Sai Bless us all.

Dr C. B. Satpathy



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