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Mahasamadhi Message 2022

Dussehra or Vijayadashmi is generally understood as a day of victory of good over evil. Mythologically speaking, Maa Durga, representing the women form of the Supreme Power, annihilates Mahishasura (a demon bearing the physical form of a buffalo) who represents the evil forces. Vijayadashami is also said to be the day on which kings, in earlier times, used to cross the boundaries of their kingdom with the intention to invade and annex the territory of the other countries. The word ‘Seemolanghan’ which literally means ‘crossing the boundary’ connotes such practices.

For the devotees of Shirdi Saibaba, this day becomes all the more important as it happens to be the day of Mahasamadhi of Shirdi Sai. Shri Shirdi Sai underwent Mahasamadhi on the day of Vijayadashami on the 15th October, 1918.

On a cosmic scale, we extoll such divine power, as mother Durga who annihilates evil forces of nature and ushers in a better world. Such forces also manifest through some human being(s) who usher in desired changes on earth. Such persons are known as Mahapurush.

An Avatar or a Sadguru is a Mahapurush. Nevertheless, each human being contains the spark of divinity which gets ignited with the kindness and help of a Mahapurush or Sadguru. It also becomes hyperkinetic to harbinger a world that we dream of. To be a part of this change, individuals will have to evolve themselves. They too have to gradually reduce the evil propensities in them. They have to generate and nurture divine qualities that are a sine qua non for such vital and long lasting changes on earth.

Each human being is bonded by Ashta Pash which denotes the eight negative psychological bindings on the human personality. These bondages are Ghrina (hate), Lajjaa (shame), Bhaya (fear), Shankaa (doubt), Jugupsaa (censure/reproach), Kula (caste), Jaati (creed) and Sheela (modesty). In fact, all the Gurus and spiritual personalities advise us to get away from these evil propensities slowly but steadily if not immediately. Shirdi Sai has reiterated this theme umpteen times and on different occasions to His devotees.

Hence, to celebrate the Mahasamadhi day of the Guru, we must remember Him reverentially and gratefully for protection and education He provided for our evolution. Sai Baba’s devotees will do well to resolve to follow the path shown by Baba on this day and contain their inner evil propensities in order to uproot them and to evolve as better human beings.

Jai Shri Sai!

Dr. C.B. Satpathy



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