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Shirdi Sai Global Foundation (hereinafter referred to as SSGF) Social and Digital Media Guidelines for persons and institutions associated with or accessing the digital properties of the SSGF.


1. Introduction

1.1.The Shirdi Sai Global Foundation (SSGF) encourages participants and followers and other persons associated with the Foundation to take part in social and digital media and to share their experiences with their friends, family and spread the words of wisdom as taught by His Holiness Sai Baba of Shirdi keeping in mind that no third party rights of privacy or religious sentiments are hurt.


1.2. These guidelines are designed to ensure that this activity respects the Foundation's core values and the rights of third parties. 



1.3.These guidelines apply to all the persons and institutions who follow SSGF, and it’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees (herein after referred to as ‘Chairman’)and more generally to all the concerned persons, individuals or trusts which directly or indirectly are under the patronage of the Chairman. These guidelines are also to be followed by the media on all platforms.

2. General Principles

2.1. It is entirely acceptable for the concerned persons and institutions or trusts to share their experience at the temples, events and charitable institutions under the patronage of the SSGF through the internet or any other social and digital media, provided that it is done in a first-person account and that the other requirements included in these guidelines are respected.

2.2.Only the person(s) who are authorised by SSGF as spokesperson(s) may officially interact with media and journalists strictly by means of an official communication or press release for print and digital media.


2.3.Postings made by, or on behalf of the trusts, institutions or persons should at all times conform to the core values of
respect and dedication. Caution must be applied not to get carried away by emotions and not make any statements or posts or post such pictures which affect the rights of third parties and must, at all times, conform to responsible terms of use of the social media properties. Persons, institutions, and trusts should, at all times, refrain from any form of demonstration or any kind of political, religious or racial propaganda.


2.4.Such postings should be within the bounds of dignity and sacrosanctity of the goals, should be focussed on the teachings of His Holiness Sai Baba of Shirdi and should not be discriminatory, offensive, hateful, defamatory or otherwise illegal in nature.


2.5.The use of vulgar or obscene words or images is prohibited.

In addition to these guidelines, all concerned persons, institutions or trusts need to adhere to additional guidelines related to the use of social and digital media, issued by SSGF from time to time to ensure privacy, best practices and responsible use of social media. The sole purpose is to create awareness about the philanthropic activities undertaken by SSGF and spreading the teaching of Sai Baba of Shirdi.


A. Photographs, video, and audio

Authorised persons and institutions can post or otherwise share on social media for spreading the teachings of His Holiness Sai Baba of Shirdi or any other philanthropic activity is undertaken by them. It is not permitted to commercialise, sell or otherwise distribute these photographs or hurt the sentiments of the public or create confusion or disrupt communal harmony.


Moreover, to respect the privacy of visitors, no pictures shall be taken in the premises of the temples, trusts or institutions which are designated as “no picture areas.”


Authorised persons are allowed to capture audio or video of the events, competitions or any other activities which occur under the auspices of SSGF venues for posting on digital media properties. No individual other than when specifically permitted by SSGF would use such pictures for any other purpose other than which is provided here.

Unauthorised audio or video content must not be made available on social and digital media (e.g. by posting or streaming) or on any other type of media without the prior written approval of the SSGF.


Still, photographs, video and/or audio that are not taken by the authorised personnel of SSGF are subject to the above-noted restrictions and can not be shared through social and digital media; Posts can be made subject to that the other requirements included in these guidelines are respected.


B. Intellectual Property

(Trademarks, logos or designs, etc.)

Individuals, institutions, and trusts are specifically requested to refrain from using the intellectual property of SSGF e.g. copyrighted publication, music, video and also the Trademarks, logos or designs, etc. of SSGF on social and digital media or their personal digital properties.


No person, institution or trust shall post on behalf of SSGF on social and digital media unless they have obtained the prior written approval from SSGF.


In case any unauthorised post or video or news is found across digital platforms, the SSGF will automatically stand disassociated from the same, and may report the same for appropriate action to the concerned authorities, as the need arises.


C. Advertising and sponsorship


Individuals, institutions and trusts must not use social and digital media for any commercial and/or advertising purpose, in particular in a way which creates or implies any association between, on the one hand, a third party (or a third party’s products and services) and, on the other hand, SSGF, unless they have obtained the permission from SSGF.


D. Domain names/URLs (Uniform Resource Locator)/page naming/applications 

Domain names, URLs and social media handles including the word drcbsatpathy" "cbsatpathy", "chandrabhanusatpathy" " Shirdi Sai Global Foundation" or suffixing or prefixing "official" "official website" or using any name * which may confuse the audience that such web property is representative of SSGF or in any way association is shown with SSGF, serious civil and criminal liabilities will follow. The above said or resembling

(*including their equivalents in languages other than English) are not allowed unless approved by the SSGF beforehand. For example, www.[myname]SSGFcom or @[myname]cbsatpathy would not be permitted, while www.[myname].com would be allowed, provided the content made available through such page respects the other requirements included in these guidelines.


Similarly, Individuals, institutions, and trusts may not create stand- alone SSGF-themed or Dr.C.B.Satpathy themed websites, applications or any other features to host coverage of the activities undertaken by SSGF or to illegally raise any funds from the public.


Compliance with laws and third parties’ rights should be ensured when the individuals, institutions, and trusts choose to go public with any comments, opinions and any other material in any way, including on social and digital media, they are solely responsible for the consequences of their action and SSGF will have no association with any such information or post or event which is not duly authorised by it.


They must at all times ensure that they comply with applicable laws and that they have obtained all necessary permissions from any third parties whose image or property is used.


When using social and digital media, individuals, institutions and trusts should not:

(i) intrude upon the privacy of third parties;
(ii) infringe upon any intellectual property rights or other rights of any third party;

(iii) disclose any information which is confidential or private in relation to another person
or organisation;
(iv) interfere with the working or is against the core values of SSGF, or

(v) violate security measures instituted to ensure the safety of authenticity of the digital property and information.

Individuals, institutions, and trusts can be held personally liable for any commentary and material deemed to be obscene, offensive, defamatory or otherwise illegal, or infringing on any third 
party’s rights. This also applies in the case of authorised personnel or a third party to manage their social media accounts or to express opinions on their behalf.


E. Infringements


The SSGF reserves the right to take any appropriate measures on infringements of these guidelines. The measures may include requiring the removal of any infringing content, withdrawing the accreditation of the responsible person or organisation, taking legal action or imposing other sanctions pursuant to relevant law of the land.


F. Amendment/Interpretation

The SSGF reserves the right to amend these Guidelines, as it deems appropriate. The Board of Trustees shall be the final authority with respect to the interpretation and implementation of these Guidelines.


G. Disclaimer

By the issue of these guidelines, SSGF hereby disassociates itself from any other material printed, published or disseminated about the Foundation and the Chairman Dr Chandra Bhanu Satpathy.  


NOTE: This site is designed and developed by Envizione Digital under authority from SSGF.  No duplication of intellectual property or the design is permissible. This is the intellectual property of the SSGF. Refer Clause (2-B) of the Terms of Use. In addition to the clauses above, it is yet again clarified that all the images used on the site are copyrighted by SSGF. Unauthorised usage or download or reproduction or in any way use (Eg. posters, standees, etc) of these pictures may attract suitable legal action. 


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