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Guru Poornima Message 2020

Today the human race is perturbed by the outbreak of Corona Virus which has afflicted and threatened the whole world. There has been lots of speculation, apprehension and wishful thinking pertaining to the virus and extensive scientific research dedicated to finding a vaccine for its cure. Undoubtedly, the world is abuzz with the concerns of the virus and seems to have become corona-centric. The pandemic seems to have had a 360-degrees impact, for its horizontal outreach has engulfed human civilisation, irrespective of the country, race, religion or culture and vertically it has encompassed people belonging to the lower strata as well as the highest strata of the society.

As history indicates, the human civilisation has survived various threats and wars against nature in the past, even when there was no education, science, technology or even the concept of God. The cavemen, our forefathers, too survived through all the epidemics. Just like a caveman, who when attacked by an unknown enemy, withdrew and confined himself inside his cave to observe the enemy until its weakness and strength were known, we too have resorted to the same by locking ourselves in our homes, eagerly waiting for a solution to come.

Compared with other countries, the situation in India is slightly better. The proactive steps taken by the government at a critical time controlled the spread of COVID-19. Also, the self-sufficient and self-sustaining domestic lifestyle of the Indian families, particularly during the lockdown period, proved to be a great support. Along with it, the services provided by the government service groups like the police, medical departments, doctors, nurses, security guards, distributors of goods, municipality workers, those looking after cleaning and the media, by risking their own lives, has gone as a long way in containing the spread of the virus.

Right now, the least we can do is to appreciate and stand by the efforts of those who are working day and night to help us stay safe. We should also follow the guidelines of the concerned authorities of the Central, State or Union Territories Governments, without causing any hindrance in their functioning. Secondly, we can render help to those who belong to the lower economic strata of society by donating funds or making other contributions, like masks, medicines, etc, through the designated organisations of the government. One of the greatest personal services we can render is by being socially responsible. We must keep a close check on our beloved ones as well as those around us. If anyone appears to exhibit symptoms of Corona Virus, it is our responsibility to ensure that the concerned authorities are informed and the person suffering is given proper medical treatment.

Furthermore, using time to our greatest advantage would be the wisest achievement during these days. Since the old order of busy lifestyle has come to a standstill, we have a lot of time to foster our talents and hobbies. We can create an environment of sharing and learning, while promoting exchange of information online for the benefit of all. However, while doing so, we must be wary of some of the opinions that have invaded the social media in the garb of knowledge. We must filter the information which is scientific, transparent and not cynical. We can also foster our old friendships and connect with those we had forgotten. It is time for us to share mutual concerns and improve our relationships. Let’s then, carry the best of human values with us and do the little we can with love, care and concern for all. Let’s accept the change that has come and strive to grow together, support each other, while not forgetting to maintain physical distancing. We should also learn to protect nature and the environment, which make our existence healthier and better.

We need to raise our inner spirit and have faith in our science, government, culture, family, ourselves and overall, faith in the God or the Master we believe in. Lastly, let us not lose hope, for better days are bound to come.

May Shri Sai bless us all.

Dr. C. B. Satpathy



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