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Sai Sandhya – Hampshire, Chicago, USA

CBS Office

9 Jul 2023

Sai Sandhya – Hampshire, Chicago, USA

On the 9th of July 2023, Dr. Chandra Bhanu Satpathy Ji captivated devotees with his enthralling presence during the Sai Sandhya cultural program at the Chicago Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Hampshire, Chicago, USA.
The event was a splendid celebration of the spiritual legacy of Shirdi Saibaba, featuring soulful bhajans and captivating classical dance performances. Dr. Satpathy Ji, while reminiscing about the origins of the worldwide Sai movement, emphasized its roots in Chicago, where he participated in the Sai Utsav back in 2000. From there, the movement gained momentum, spanning across various cities like Minneapolis, Huston, and Bellevue. In a bid to foster unity and devotion, devoted followers embarked on a transformative Shirdi Sai Yatra, carrying Baba's photo in a van, connecting with people, and building a strong, close-knit community. This faith-driven journey paved the way for the establishment of numerous temples, eventually fueling the global expansion of the Sai movement.

During the event, Dr. Satpathy presented the Trustee of the Chicago temple with the esteemed stole of Shirdi Sai Global Foundation as a mark of felicitation. The Sai Sandhya program was elevated with the soul-stirring renditions of Shri Guru Bhagwat and Sai bhajans performed by the renowned singers, Antara Chakraborty, and Ananya Mongia. Their mesmerizing performances filled the air with a divine ambiance of devotional songs.

Dr. Satpathy Ji's gracious presence and profound words of wisdom served as a radiant source of inspiration, kindling the flame of devotion even brighter within the hearts of all the attendees.

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