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Mata Kheer Bhawani Jestha Ashtami Mela, Gurgaon

The Temple of Maa Kheer Bhawani was inaugurated by Dr. C B Satpathyji on 3rd June 2022, at Sai Ka Aangan, Gurgaon. Jeshtha Mela, a function which is traditionally observed for the deity everywhere, mostly in Kashmir, was organized on 8th June 2022, in the precincts of the Aangan.
The tithi started on 7th June and ended on the following day of 8the June, as per the protocol. Devotees joined Dr. Satpathyji and participated in the diya aarti and late night hawan amidst chants and vedic mantras on Saptami. Next day, She was worshipped and offered purnahuti in the yajna. The day of Ashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Maa Kheer Bhawani. Devotees not only from Gurgaon, but also from Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and other places visited the Temple on this day. Devotees who have not been able to go to see the shrine on this day at Srinagar, Tulmul, due to certain issues got a chance to visit & participate at the Sai Ka Aangan. The event was hosted by Sai Prakash Spiritual and Charitable Trust, Gurgaon.
The participation was joyous and mirthful. The fair was organized in accordance with the practice in Hinduism which always attaches mela with the worship of deities everywhere. Sai Ka Aangan children, besides others, participated in the mela. There was Kashmiri food and Kashmiri articles available for all. It was due to this reawakening that Kashmiri people, who had not visited the Devi for a long time, were very emotional and the day went off very happily, with everyone’s participation.

Watch the glimpse of the mela

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