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Jyeshtha Ashtami Utsav 2024 at Sai Ka Aangan, Gurgaon

CBS Office

14 Jun 2024

Jyeshtha Ashtami Utsav 2024 at Sai Ka Aangan, Gurgaon

Maa Kheer Bhawani Jyeshtha Ashtami Utsav was celebrated on June 14, 2024, at Sai Ka Aangan in Gurgaon. Previously, Dr. Chandra Bhanu Satpathy ji had inaugurated the Maa Kheer Bhawani shrine at the Sai Ka Aangan Temple on June 3, 2022.

During the festival, Dr. Satpathy conducted the Purnahuti ritual amidst the holy hawan ceremony, chanting mantras throughout. He received a warm welcome adorned with a traditional Kashmiri pagdi and ilaichi mala.

In his address, Dr. Satpathy highlighted the unity of divinity, noting that our limited understanding often leads us to worship various deities through idols and images. He stressed that harmony and tolerance can alleviate suffering and prevent conflicts like dharmayuddha. He further explained that true spirituality involves fostering tolerance and practicing forgiveness for acceptance.

The event attracted over a thousand devotees from Delhi, NCR, and overseas who gathered to offer prayers and sing hymns at the Maa Kheer Bhawani temple.

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