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Inauguration of Smart Class in Revensaw Collegiate School, Cuttack

CBS Office

10 Aug 2023

Inauguration of Smart Class in Revensaw Collegiate School, Cuttack

Ravensaw Collegiate School extended a cordial invitation to Dr. Chanra Bhanu Satpathy ji to grace the inauguration of the Smart Class of VIII-B. Dr. Satpathy ji. Dr. Satpathy ji generously contributed the sum of One Lakh rupees that he received from the 'Jagannath Ratha Prakashak Smruti, Sanskruti O Sahitya Samman-2022', to his alma mater, Ravenshaw Collegiate School in Cuttack. This contribution falls under the 'Mo School' scheme initiated by the Government of Odisha, wherein the government matches the donation made by the school's alumni.
The inauguration event saw Dr. Satpathy ji, accompanied by fellow dignitaries, taking their seats on the stage at the Netaji Auditorium. Commencing the proceedings, the school children began with a solemn rendition of the 'Shri Guru Bhagwat Prarthana'.
The Headmistress, Pragati Panda, extended her felicitations to Dr. Satpathy, while the students took the opportunity to honor Satyabrata Sahu (IAS), Additional Chief Secretary of the Government of Odisha; Ramasish Hazra, President of the Board of Secondary Education; and Justice Laxmikant Mohapatra.
In his address, Dr. Satpathy ji spoke to the assembly, which comprised students, teachers, alumni, and esteemed guests.
Additionally, Dr. Satpathy ji generously donated three air conditioners for the Headmaster's Room and the teachers' lounge, further enhancing the school's infrastructure.

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