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Guru Bhagwat and it's Relevance in Morden Day Mundane Life

CBS Office

15 Jul 2023

A special event with discourse by Dr. Chandra Bhanu Satpathy Ji at Microsoft Office Campus, Bellevue, USA

On the 15th of July, a special event titled "Guru Bhagwat and its Relevance in Modern Day Mundane Life" - Discourse with Dr. Chandra Bhanu Satpathy Ji - was organized by the Sai Parivar Foundation in Bellevue, USA, at Microsoft Studio, Microsoft Campus. This occasion marked a significant milestone for the Sai Parivar Foundation, commemorating seven years since its establishment under the inspiration and guidance of Dr. Satpathy Ji.

The event commenced with Dr. Satpathy Ji inaugurating it through the lighting of lamps. The program featured a captivating Bharatnatyam performance by Smt. Gauri Agashe & team, presenting Ganesh Vandana, Shri Guru Bhagwat & Kautukam. Additionally, soulful renditions were presented by Ms. Nidhi, a team of talented young children, and Anamya Mongia.

Senator Judy Warnick of Washington State conveyed a warm welcome letter to Dr. Satpathy Ji.
Notable attendees included Vandana Slatter, Washington State Representative; Jimmy Matta, Burien City Council Member; and Shree Saini, Miss World America 2020, among others. Ms. Vandana Slatter, in her speech, expressed gratitude to Dr. Satpathy Ji for his contributions to society.

During his discourse, Dr. Satpathy Ji elaborated on the relevance of Shri Guru Bhagwat in modern times, touching upon the Guru-Shishya relationship, the role of parents as the first gurus, the significance of family values, and the need to transcend blind faith. He also emphasized the importance of integrating Guru Bhagwat into the education system, illustrating the significance of asking the right questions to obtain accurate answers, much like the relevance of asking appropriate questions to receive precise responses in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

The event witnessed a profound gathering of devotees, trustees, and Indian diaspora, with a prominent representation of Odia culture, both from various parts of the USA and India.

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