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A talk on – ‘Indian spirituality and culture - Relevance in the contemporary world’

Dr Satpathy delivered a talk on – ‘Indian spirituality and culture - Relevance in the contemporary world’ in a special event organized in the House of Commons, Committee Room No-10, London, SW1A0AA by Shri Virendra Sharma, Member of Parliament, House Of Commons on 15th Nov, 2017. In his speech, Dr. Satpathy mentioned that Indians should be proud to retain their culture when living in other countries like the UK. They should spread the role of India in spreading the spiritual literature like Vedas, yoga, pranayama, and meditation. They should speak about the cultural heritage of India when appreciating the cultures of other nations. Dr. Satpathy extolled the teachings of Shirdi Sai and urged people to follow His teachings to have a better tomorrow. 

Dr. Satpathy gifted to the Library of British Parliament a complete set of ‘Guru Bhagavat’, 5 volumes in English language, originally written in Odia language, is like an encyclopedia on the holy Guru tradition of India.

The event was attended by an eclectic group of people from all walks of life, based in the United Kingdom and other countries like Germany, India, including politicians, lawyers, bankers, journalists, artists and the industrial representatives.


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