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Sai Sandhya by Sai Kashmiri Parivar and Launch of Shri Guru Bhagwat in Kashmiri Language

Sai Kashmiri Parivar, an organization of the Kashmiri Pandits community, organized a Sai Sandhya in Gurgaon on July 30th, 2017 at Club Florence, Gurgaon. Dr. C.B. Satpathy, the chairman of the Shirdi Sai Global Foundation encouraged the creation of the organization for the welfare of the Kashmiri Pandits residing in the nation capital territorial region and beyond.


 The entire ambiance of the venue, the decor of the function hall, the musical and cultural events as also the food items served to the guests were endemically Kashmiri. The Kashmiri men, women and children were attired in elegant and attractive Kashmiri dress. 


The event began with the welcoming of Dr. C B Satpathy, the Chief Guest in traditionally Kashmiri style. This was followed by garlanding the photo of Shirdi Sai Baba and lighting the lamp. A cultural program consisting of singing of traditional bhajans, Kashmiri folk dance called 'Rauf' by the children as also some elders ensued.


In his keynote address, Dr. C.B. Satpathy advised the Kashmiri community to remain united and preserve their rich culture and heritage. Besides, the first volume of a book captioned Shri Guru Bhagwat, written by Dr. Satpathy and translated in Kashmiri by B.L. Koul was also launched. About 500 Kashmiri Pandits attended this pious and sanguine occasion. For people who could not be present in person, the event was aired live through the Community Channel, Radio Sharda 90.4 FM. 


This was a new type of conglomeration for the Kashmiri Pandits which they promised would repeat in future. In short, it was a mirthful and joyous evening for all.


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